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aWallet Password Manager for Android

Imagine a world without technology! Difficult, right! What would we do without computers, smartphones, tablets, ATMs, credit or debit cards, online banking, e-commerce, social networks and the Internet? We are so used to these conveniences that it’s impossible to imagine our lives without them. However, there is an inherent risk when using any of these – a risk to our privacy and security. So we have various security measures like pin numbers, logins, passwords, secret questions and so on. But, what happens when we have access credentials to multiple numbers of such utilities? We could end up with multiple identities and passwords for each of these different entities. Memorizing them all is virtually impossible and keeping them written down is not a smart way of ensuring security. So what do you do? Well, you turn to what is known as a Password Manager. Password Managers are available today for most operating systems. Today we focus on aWallet, a Password Manager app for our favorite operating system, Android. But first let’s get one little query out of the way…

What does a Password Manager do?

Simply put, a password manager secures all your sensitive information in an encrypted file. This file is only accessible by providing a master passcode and all your other online identities are secured. This effectively reduces tasking your memory to remember only one password, instead of a multitude. A welcome relief, isn’t it? Of course, make sure you select a difficult master passcode and get smart – confine it to your memory only, do not write it down!

aWallet  - Android Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager for Android

aWallet, developed by Synpet, is a free password manager app for Android that securely stores online banking credentials, web logins, credit and debit card info, passwords and other related stuff. The aWallet password manager app encrypts all this data using the highly secure AES and Blowfish algorithms with 128, 192 and 256 bits encryption keys. Apart from these, it can also use 3DES keys of 168 and 112 bits. An editor lets you categorize all the data that is entrusted to aWallet, along with custom icons for each. Furthermore, you can designate your favorite category too. In fact, all of this information, including entry names, favorite category, other categories and the actual data, is fully encrypted.

The aWallet password manager presents a simple interface that consists of your favorite category, categories, Lock and the editor. The favorite category, as the name suggests, is your designated list of those credentials that you would want quick access to. Say, for instance all your email logins. This makes searching for a day-to-day utility password that much easier. Categories section again simplifies things for you my arranging all your data in sections like e-banking, online shopping sites, email sites, credit card info and so on.

The Lock is the main security feature that protects all this encrypted information from prying eyes. It lets you create or modify your master password, which give you access to the aWallet password manager app itself. You will have to enter this master key every time you access the app, even after a power saving screen switch-off function. Lastly, the Editor is where you create your own custom categories. You can also make use of some of the presets like e-banking, email accounts or web accounts among others.

aWallet Password Manager for AndroidThe aWallet password manager, can backup and restore data to/from the phone’s SD card or even to USB devices on some phones like the Nexus. An auto-lock feature can be pre-configured to lock the app after a certain time period. What’s more, it can also securely erase all the data and/or SD card backup in case someone enters the master password more than a pre-configured number of times. It also has provision to export data to a CSV file.

aWallet password manager for Android is absolutely free! It doesn’t even have any advertisements! There is a pro version ($2.49) available though, which will give you access to a secure cloud, CSV import and a cool Password Generator feature.

Our take on the aWallet Password Manager

aWallet Password Manager, gets a thumbs up from us for being a free, simple to use, lightweight and secure app. It also helps that aWallet, unlike some other apps out there, doesn’t require all kinds of permissions except access to your SD card for backup/restore of your encrypted data. It does a fine job with the encryption algorithms and makes your encrypted data virtually inaccessible to unauthorized elements.

Like the multitude of citizens of the digital world, if you too are struggling to keep track of all your passwords and login data, then aWallet Password Manager is for you. Download the app for free from Google Play.

Do write to us in comments about your experience with aWallet Password Manager app for Android. If you liked the review don’t forget to share and keep coming back for more reviews and other Android related stuff, right here.

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  • Zkoumidlo

    I have been using free app Sticky Password in my smartphone
    and it is really great. You can download it at google play. What I like the most about it is floating window,
    other apps don’t have it.

    • mightyandroid

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We agree Sticky Password is a neat app and the unique floating window feature is useful too.
      There were a few factors that we considered when reviewing aWallet:
      1. The most compelling feature is the fact that aWallet does not directly access the internet at any time. Many users feel unconfortable over storing all their passwords and credentials on a cloud or other third party servers, no matter what level of encryption is used.
      2. The CSV export (freely available) and import (in pro version), is very handy. You can easily export the password data and import the same into your desktop based password manager.
      3. Password Generator (pro version) generates very strong passwords.
      4. And finally, the number of installs and subsequent ratings (500,000-1,000,000 / 4.6 rating).

      Like we said earlier Sticky Password looks like a good app, but there have been some disturbing comments about it in the user reviews. Having said that, we will surely keep an eye on the development of this app and report on further improvements. The way things look it should find its way into our upcoming top list for Android Password managers

      • Steve Russell

        I agree, I have been using aWallet for over a year now, with no problems at all. Apart from…. when importing a CSV of passwords, it never lists the titles for each record. I have to manually input them. any ideas.